Quick Order Call To Action

Create simple call to action buttom and directly redirect customers into checkout

to buy defined product!


Product id - id

This attribute define id category, which will be selected.

button class - class

Define your custom css class and create your own call to action button.

Redirect form - redirect

After submit form, you can redirect user. Values: no, cart, checkout.

Shortcode example

Basic button
[wqo-call-to-action id="96" redirect="cart" ]

Shortcode example

[wqo-call-to-action id=”96″ redirect=”checkout” class=”quick-custom-call”]

Custom CSS

Css class defined in shortcode – quick-custom-call, you can use for customize button style:

.quick-custom-call{ font-weight: 400; font-size: 40px; background: #6c2eb9; border-radius: 5px; } .quick-custom-call:hover{ background: #2eb946; }

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