Quick Order Category Table

For creating category table form, with products from one category, use shortcode 


Category id - catid

This attribute define id category, which will be selected.

Limit products - limit

Define, how much products you want to display.

Hide product image - hide

If is used hide=”image”, product thumbnail will be removed.

Redirect after submit - redirect

After submit form, you can redirect user. Values: no, cart, checkout.

Shortcode example

wqo-category catid=”9″ limit=”10″ redirect=”checkout”

Product nameImagePriceQuantity
Ship Your Idea30.00
Woo Logo35.00
Ninja Silhouette35.00
Happy Ninja35.00
Patient Ninja35.00
Woo Ninja35.00
Happy Ninja18.00
Woo Ninja20.00
Ninja Silhouette20.00
Ship Your Idea20.00
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