Quick Order Products Table

For creating products table form, with defined products,use shortcode woo-quick-order for table and wqo-item for each product in table.

Product id -id

Product id for table line.

Redirect after submit - redirect

After submit form, you can redirect user. Values: no, cart, checkout.

Hide product image - hide

If is used hide=”image”, product thumbnail will be removed.

Shortcode example

[wqo-item id="99"]
[wqo-item id="96"] [wqo-item id="93"]
[wqo-item id="90"] [wqo-item id="87"]
[wqo-item id="83"] [wqo-item id="79"] [wqo-item id="76"]

Product nameImagePriceQuantity
Woo Single #23.00
Woo Album #49.00
Woo Single #13.00
Woo Album #39.00
Woo Album #29.00
Woo Album #19.00
Woo Logo15.00
Woo Ninja15.00
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