Variations Tables

For creating multiple tables with all variables in one form, use shortcode from example


All variable products ids. Delimiter is a comma. One id = one table with all available variations.

Redirect after submit - redirect

After submit form, you can redirect user. Values: no, cart, checkout.

Show product name - show

If is used name=”show”, product name will be added.

Show product image - show

If is used image=”show”, product thumbnail will be added.

Show product sku - show

If is used sku=”show”, product name will be added.

Show attributes - show

If is used attributes=”show”, product attributes will be added.

Shortcode example

[wqo-variable-table products="22,40" name="show" image="show" sku="show" attributes="show" redirect="checkout"]

Product nameImageSkucolorPriceQuantity
Ship Your Idea2003Black20.00
Ship Your Idea2002Green20.00
Product nameImageSkucolorSizePriceQuantity
Ship Your Idea2001BlackL35.00
Ship Your Idea3007BlueXxl100.00
Ship Your Idea3006BlueXl100.00
Ship Your Idea3005BlueS100.00
Ship Your Idea3004BlueM100.00
Ship Your Idea3003BlackXxl100.00
Ship Your Idea3002BlackXl100.00
Ship Your Idea3001BlackS100.00
Ship Your Idea3000BlackM100.00
Ship Your Idea2000BlueL30.00
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